Dark Sun Rules

Weapon Breakage

Metal is scarce on Athas, so its warriors have learned to forge weapons from other materials; wood, bone, obsidian or the sharp claws and fangs of their enemies. These weapons are not so hardy as their metal counterparts and are more likely to break during use. Even metal weapons on Athas are often made of inferior-quality metal, and are not completely reliable.

Mechanically, this is represented by the Weapon Breakage rule:
When you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll there is a chance your weapon will break. You can either accept the result and miss the attack as usual, or choose to re-roll the attack in the knowledge that doing so will destroy your weapon regardless of the second result. If you are lucky enough to be weilding a metal weapon you can still re-roll the attack, however if you roll a natural 5 or lower your weapon will break.

This rule symbolises your character recognising that the attack he is making is reckless, but proceeding anyway in order to make a kill – or holding back to preserve his weapon.


Just as weapons on Athas are rarely made of metal, so is armour made of more natural materials such as the tough hide of a mekillot or the hard shell of a gith. More information on this can be found in the Dark Sun Campaign Guide.

Survival Days
It’s not easy to survive on Athas. Within the towns and cities supplies of food and water are usually readily available, however when travelling across the open wastelands mere survival is a challenge in itself. The searing heat of the sun beats down on travellers, burning their skin and sapping their energy. At night the temperatures plummet to unimaginable lows.

To survive the elements you need a combination of food, water, sun salve and appropriate clothing. A Survival Day is an abstract representation of the preparations a traveler must make to navigate the wastelands without risk of exposure, and includes enough of the above to last you a day. One Survival Day costs 5gp and weighs 8lbs.

You only need to consume survival days when travelling. If you spend at least part of the day in a city, village, outpost, or oasis, or use the Nature skill to forage successfully, you are assumed to be able to acquire the necessary provisions to survive.

Dark Sun Rules

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