A Warlock seeking atonement


Many tieflings believe that they carry a blood debt – the price to be paid for the bargain their ancestors’ struck with the dark powers of Athas – and face an eternity of torment unless the debt is paid in their lifetime. Some assume that the debt can’t be paid and live in debauchery while they can, whereas others lead lives of virtue in the hope of breaking their patron’s hold.

I used to be part of a tiefling raiding clan, ‘desert devils’ as the local inhabitants called us. I learnt my powers from an elder who saw the promise within me. My early years were spent hell bent on murder and mayhem, attacking from the night. For years I didn’t question this, it was just the way things were. I knew the world was a harsh place, and I knew of the blood debt. Then something changed…

I realised that killing others, killing innocents, to settle my debt only reinforces the evil that stains my soul. There must be a better way to escape my doom.

Yes, the arcane power I command, and the pact I have made, could do great damage to the already ravaged world. However I – like many Veiled Alliance members – view magic as a tool, one that can be used for both good and evil. I now accept the world as a dark place. The greatest cities are vicious dictatorships, slavery is pervasive, death comes by a word. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be saved.

With the recent freeing of Tyr – something I still have trouble believing – a small flicker of hope has been kindled.

I am a member of the Veiled Alliance – a secret forbidden cabal of preserving mages. I was based in Urik for two years before fleeing the city when an ‘operation’ went poorly. Now I travel towards Tyr, looking to continue repaying the blood debt.


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