Nasani is a human female gladiator


Taken into slavery at the age of six to repay a debt owed by her parents, Nasani grew up in a minor noble’s gladiator stables. Her training was hard, and never ending. Misdemeanours – both real and imagined – were punished harshly. As her psionic powers expanded, specialist trainers were brought in – at some expense – to develop and hone them towards a martial application.

Nasani hurt her trainer once in a training session. She still bears a scar at the back of her neck from the following revege. At the age of ten she fought in her first arena event and soon gained attention due to her fighting style – a rapid mixture of superhuman speeds and mountain-like immovability.

Although her living conditions improved considerably after winning her first few fights. Gaining better status and food, she grew up to be very tall. But she still knew nothing except the life of a slave. She had few true friends in the gladiator pits beyond her fighting partner – a hulking half-giant who also taught her some of the Giant tongue.

She was scheduled to fight in the Grand Games when King Kalak was killed. Suddenly all the slaves were set free, something previously unimaginable. Many nobles, including hers, fled the city to outlying havens as their newly freed slaves turned on them.

Feeling as if the world had shifted beneath her, she sought out her parents. She discovered they had died, as had many others, during the construction of the great ziggurat.

She decided to leave Tyr for a time but.. where to go?


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