Lodo, a dwarf bear shaman


My clan (The black stone carvers) worked a quarry around one week travel from Kled, sending regular caravans with goods to the town.

Part of my role was to guard the caravan, which would often came under attack during the journey.

This was my life for many years, and I was content enough.

On a routine journey I stopped at an oasis. One I had stopped at many times before. I was amazed to see a thri-kreen watching me, and gradually (over the many trips) built up an unusual friendship.

Each time I stopped there on the next trips, the thri-kreen was there and showed me a little more of the world and beauty of nature, all within that same oasis.

With his guidance I discovered that I had a natural affinity to what the Druid called the ‘Spirit of Athas’. At first I hid them from my family; they wouldn’t understand. My interest in the caravan and mining dwindled, as my new skills flourished.

I learnt that Athas is a wondrous place, but has been under attack for centuries and is still under attack to this day. But there are still places worth fighting for. He encouraged me to find my own way.

On a the journey toward Kled following this my caravan was attacked by a massive force of raiders. There were too many and most of the convoy, including my sister, were killed before the raiders were driving off and had looted all they could carry. I made it away alive but realised there was nothing more for me here. I parted ways from the other survivors and made my own way into the desert.

Despite my new beginning, I’m painfully aware that Athas is a troubled land and I’m determined to do what I can.


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