A Burnished Throne

Lost in the Desert

The broken Tower

It was nice celebrating our victory in Altaruk, we got new clothes and lots of drinks. But then the sandstorms hit, fierce and nagging we had sand everywhere, drinks, teeth, shoes… We got to know our barmaid quite well as there was no possibility to go outside…
After the storm seemed to be over this dwarf came into the tavern. Looked like he had spend the night in the sand… Obviously he had heard of us and surprise he needed our help. Well at least he promised some gold if we would find his lost cargo and missing companions.
Getting used to working in the team we set off to look for the tracks of the missing caravan. Not long after leaving the town we saw the wagon tracks move off the road into the sand. Just then we noticed the siltrunners, ugly little beggars who hit me with a poison dart. I couldnt move and had to watch the fight without being able to hit. But not for long and after I was healed by Lodo I pushed them aside and right into Nikaias dagger. I wanted to kill them all but the last one escaped running for its life.

We spotted the wagon but most of the cargo was gone but there was a weird smell around it. Sure enough we got to know the creature of the smell. Stinking Kruthiks, reptile hunters, which attacked me quickly. At least Lodo managed to kill one of their hatchlings. My new flame Bracers came in useful and we could finish them all.

In the distance we saw a tower and had to check it out. We followed the stairs to the underground parts of the tower and splashing through the door caught the beasts by surprise. I went for the biggest of the them but it was tougher than expected. The first kill went to Kalithan. And I was poisoned again but this time the healing made me feel even better than before. I could dodge the attacks even though the ground felt weird and it was very difficult to move at all. Our luck in battle seemed to be failing as lots of arrows flew past their targets. Finally the beasts got me in their middle but well enough, we could even use this to our advantage and left none alive. After the battle we found some of the cargo, a stinking well and stairs leading further down into darkness. A torch revealed some bodies but we had to make sure that it were indeed the lost companions. Our jumps down did not disturb the dead but from the darkness two beasts came towards us: Death Rattle Vipers. Sure enough they were killed and we had some crunchy snake and wine for dinner. All cargo that was left got delivered back to the dwarf and we had earned ourselves some gold.



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