A Burnished Throne

From Tyr to Altaruk

Morrow 1st, Priest's Defiance

with Nikaia weeks
a marked contact delay
tyr with no entry

coin begets travel
high sun and companions new
tiefling veiled may be

dwarf speaks with spirits
fiery warrior of mind
to altaruk go

we guide elves and kanks
steps over desert changing
troubles overcome

unsurprised reveal
a sand raider melee whirl
victorious, yes

- Kalithan


Great, I’m still alive!!! ;-)

From Tyr to Altaruk

Actually that comment was meant for “Arrival in Altaruk” – I will get the hang of this Portal sooner or later… am only little Halfling and know little of this world… ;-)

From Tyr to Altaruk

Heck I didn’t even realise we could post comments ;)

From Tyr to Altaruk

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