A Burnished Throne

Arrival in Altaruk

Morrow 7th, Priest's Defiance

Finally I see something else than just desert and rocks. We are finally at the gates of Altaruk.
Lots of Guards with pointy arrows on the wall. Luckily Kaldras our Employer knows how to get past the gates.

We are waiting now on the elven market in front of Kaldras tent to get our payment. Can’t wait to get the money and get wasted in the next tavern :)

Kaldras you son of a Kank! We should have never trusted those elves. Instead of paying us they attack us in the middle of the market. 5 Elves with bows, 3 poision-spitting mini Kanks and Kaldras. They don’t really stand a chance agaist our desert-proven dream team. Lucky for them the guards of Altaruk end this battle before we could end them.

The governor of Altaruk has a funny way of sorting out conflicts. The next morning we find ourselves in the arena of Altaruk to carry giant coins around. The crowd seems to like it when we push Kaldras elves into the brumble weed. And those surprise Jhakars can be really like a limpet.

It turned out to be a close competition but in the end is was 1:0 with us winning. And we did get even more reward out of it. I start to like Altaruk. I’m just wondering what happens to Kaldras. Hopefully I won’t meet him again in the streets, the city guards might not like what happens then. :)



Great, I’m still alive!!! Or better: I am grateful to still be alive!!! :-)

Arrival in Altaruk

It was a close one!

Arrival in Altaruk

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