A Burnished Throne

A Murder Mystery

Morrow 11th, Priest's Defiance

After my somewhat fruitless foray alone around this irkesome town, finding only sneers and unfamiliar, impenetrable covert activities, I rejoined the group. Doubtless there is something going on here that involves activities of great interest to a magic user, but I was almost convinced that even likely candidates were being deliberately obtuse.

I did, however meet Selonius, when I’d almost given up, and was contemplating the unenviable task of explaining where I’d been and making my excuses to an already suspicious (yet naive, it seems) band of goodie-goodie adventurers. Selonius seemed interested in what our band could do for him in a certain case of murder. I was pleased at this prospect, as it meant more money, of course, and also the contract seemed to afford us quite some power in our task.

Having resolved a sticky situation for the rest of the party, involving a cell and certain serious injury or death, we reunited, and naturally, I was interrogated. Again, the word “irkesome” springs to mind as I consider events like these, and my hapless, ever suspicious party. There was money to be made, so we were led to the crime scene and had a look around.

Most of the crowd that were there when the murder had happened were still there, being corralled by eager guards, who obsequiously nodded and grinned as we approached. An unfortunately named man called Jonah had been deployed to assist us. He was as dull as they come, but I have to admit, rather helpful when needed. I asked him the name of the victim, as I’d managed to forget already, so riveting found I the proceedings. Tellemon was the answer given, and he was affiliated with Vordon, who traded the rare “iron”, which I had rarely ever seen.

Nasani, whose barely concealed suspicion and lack of understanding towards me was becoming noticeable even to the rest of the party, decided to question some bystanders. Good for her, saved me the trouble. It was fruitless though, and we moved onto the body. Lodo, a rough, salty character if there ever was one, seemed to have the required knowledge to examine the corpse, and who were we to argue? He did quite a good job actually, deducing that there was a wound on the left kidney, but that it was not the lethal blow. Some kind of medic in a previous career, no doubt. As we swung around to continue our sleuthing, Lodo put his hand up and requested another look at the body. Barely concealing a sigh of irritation, I nodded him back. We were glad he did go back, because he found some green paste. Poison?

Embarrassingly for me, I could make neither head or tail of this mixture. I’m sure there will come a time when my finely honed skills come into their own on this journey, but at the moment I seem to be a bit of a “fifth wheel” when it comes to matters such as this. As I contemplated this rather unfortunate scenario, a couple came over and told us they’d seen a “massive great bloke in a white robe”. I continued to sit and mull over my unusually small potential contribution as I watched a flurry of activity from the rest of the party. They looked to be searching for something.

To my genuine surprise, a dagger was held up and brought over. Yet again my arcane skills were useless in all but identifying that the symbol on it was indeed “arcane”. As I was shouted at to get up and help, I genuinely thought about leaving these singularly annoying characters to their own devices and going off on my own, permanently. Of course, that was far from the best course of action, so I bit my tongue as we continued, this time splitting into two groups.

I ended up with Kalithan and Nasani, sniffing around the barracks. My level of interest in the proceedings dropped to even lower levels as we trudged over. Of course I would rather be fighting or researching spells, and found the company rather dull. The first thing that hit me about the barracks, was that it smelt. Bad. Thus was our investigation made even more inconvenient as we mooched around, cloths up over our noses, probably looking quite snobbish to the usual residents.

Burke Suntouched. I was sure I’d hear the name before, but regardless, that was the guy we needed to find, supposedly. I’d been sitting on a stone ledge, again ruminating about how many better places there could be for a man of my talents. Just as I thought things had become boring, we were all shushed. I watched as another building was snuck around and investigated, quite thrilling stuff. Soon I was wishing I’d paid more attention, as after a short commotion, thank the lords, it was over, and the suspect was detained.

My mood brightened somewhat, as I realised that most, if not all of the work had been done by the rest of the party, yet I was still to receive gold, gifts and lauding. We even got a membership to the Veiled Alliance! Ah, what leisure.

- Red



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